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22 Book Torrent Sites To Download E-Books in 2022

Being a part of the digital age and the finest century, books have always had their charms. People said –¬†If you wish to time-travel, read books! I am an avid reader, not a frequent one though but I love to read books and most importantly, to buy new books and store them without even taking the seal cover off.

I have spent a considerable amount of timeline in just reading books and I can surely tell that it is one of the best habits to inoculate. However, people don’t always prefer books and sometimes wish to go to read them online. So, to deal with that, we present some of the best book torrents that will let you have a similar experience.


Best Book Torrents Sites To Get Free Books Online

Getting books for free is always a good thing, as there is plenty of knowledge in them that you can acquire. Here comes our list of the best torrents for you.

1. The Pirate Bay

We all have heard of Pirate Bay to be one of the world’s best torrent sites that helps you in downloading anything and everything. Along with movies, games, series, and whatnot, Pirate Bay is also known for having a collection of any book that you wish to read.

Book Torrents

From the website, you can easily download, read, and share torrents for ebooks through the pirate bay. The website had its share of ups and downs and was knocked a couple of times. However, with the help of proxies, downloading was back in the trend again.

2. Torlock

With a clean and flexible user interface, Torlock tops the charts of ebooks torrenting sites. The website has a dedicated section that deals with ebooks only and lets you make a pick of your choice. Furthermore, Torlock is also counted as one of the few websites that are verified and are certified torrent sites.


3. FreeBookSpot

Apart from being the absolute best option for readers, FreeBookSpot is one of the finest places to download e-books over from torrent. Once you pay a visit to the website, you would find a gallery that will consist of all the latest released books.

Book Alternatives

It is totally you who has to pick the category to get yourself the best books from the lot. The place also lets you share your collections for reviews with your friends and contacts.

4. SeedPeer

Another blockbuster option to download an ebook is SeedPeer. Just like the others, SeedPeer also has its own section dedicated solely to ebooks. The interface of SeedPeer is another one in the block to fall off. If you have heard of Maganova, the renewed version of Meganova is SeedPeer.


SeedPeer filters selection based on their size, reviews, and share making it quite fair a deal. You can give SeedPeer a shot to go ahead and fulfill your reading desires.

5. Books-Share

Books-share allows you into the ocean of ebooks that have been the most latest release. Furthermore, it also lets you download the books completely free of cost.

book share

Also, you get the divine privilege of reading e-books online without having to spend a penny.

6. WikiBooks.org

Next up in our list would be, WikiBooks.org, the one that we consider as the pioneer of in the world of ebooks. The language that the website has ranged varies from German, Portuguese, Dutch, and many other languages that you could enjoy.

Book Torrents

All you need to do to use the website is to select the language you prefer and dive in! Voila!

7. Smashwords

Next up in our list of torrents for books would be Smashwords. Smashwords is known for being the first eBook torrent site that will help you in finding the best books for you. The website is totally dedicated to eBooks and you are likely to find every single eBook over which you must have laid your eyes on.

Book torrents

The website has good and flexible maintenance which divides the free and paid ebooks into two sections. Using the navigators, you can directly look up your favorite book in the huge library.

8. MyAnonaMouse

I have always had this urge to look for places that consist of the best books to read. I have always loved reading and exploring a space that fulfills the desire is more like a dream come true. MyAnonaMouse is my one such finding that has an enormous book collection of historical books, graphics, comics, space, spiritual, audio, and many more other book genres that would be an absolute delight to explore.


MyAnonaMouse has an interface that is clean and the separation of sections is neat. Therefore, speaking of the best private torrents, MyAnonaMouse would definitely count off as my personal favorite.

9. Manybooks

Another secret one of mine would be Manybooks. A fine place where downloading ebooks is completely free of cost. Just like the other places, this too has a collection of free and paid books for one to choose from. Additionally, it has a gazillion of options for you in the library that lets you finger out on the choices.

Book Torrents

I love the user interface of Manybooks as using it is very convenient and reading content over the website is even easier.

22 Torrent Sites to Download Books

Some of the other amazing options besides the one already mentioned.

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. Torlock
  3. FreeBookSpot
  4. SeedPeer
  5. Books-Share
  6. WikiBooks.orgs
  7. Smashwords
  8. MyAnonaMouse
  9. ManyBooks
  10. Free-ebooks.net
  11. 1337x
  12. BookYards
  13. Torrent9
  14. Planet eBook
  15. Z-library
  16. Ebookee
  17. Zooqle
  18. Bitport
  19. LimeTorrents
  20. Torrentz
  21. Kickass Torrents 
  22. Extratorrents


The beautiful world and discussion of book torrents now come to an end. As amazing as it was for me to write this innovative and excellent piece of article with great enthusiasm, I hope the same goes at your end too when you refer to these book torrents for books while downloading or reading books.

Till then, Happy Reading!



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