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22 Mangastream Alternatives to Read Manga Online

All of my life was nearly spent with cartoons and god, I still love them and I bet most of us do. Comics, in today’s age still plays a major role and is very popular despite everything turning out to be digital and revolving purely around motion pictures, MangaStream was one such platform that had an explicit idea about what it was dealing with and i.e. Comics. To date, it is known to be the holy spot for everyone who loves comics. So whenever I needed my hands-on the best quality of comics, I went straight up to some MangaStream alternative to quench my undying thirst for comics since we know MangaStream no longer serves.

Wondering if you heard that right? Well, you sure did as that is exactly what we are about to discuss in the article.


Why Did MangaStream Shutdown?

MangaStream is no longer accessible to the audience after being of use for over 10 years. However, thankful to the proxies, we still have a few proxies that go well with MangaStream. The website never came forward to open up on the reasons it had for the shutdown. According to sources, the owners’ pressurized Manga to take the website off the grid.

Best Mangastream Alternatives To Read Manga Online

If you are a comic lover, just like me, you deserve better and trust me when I say that. Presenting to you, some of the best alternatives to mangastream

1. MangaOwl

Out there, MangaOwl is the finest alternatives to have. If you are a WSJ fan, you must know that MangaOwl was the first to release all the episodes even before they were officially released. The website has everything that you might possibly wish for ranging from MangaOwl.


It allows you to resume right where you left off. That is one thing I like the most about MangaOwl.

2. MangaPanda

MangaPanda is another one of the well-to-do alternatives to Mangastream that allows you to get yourself any comic that has been sitting on your wishlist all this while. It has almost all the series of Manga comics in its bucket to help you out with whatever you need.


3. MangaFox

Yet another in the list of MangaStream alternative is, MangaFox. It takes a toll on your reading interest quite fast. However, there are a few pitfalls that primarily include the fakes of MangaFox that rose due to its popularity. The origin of MangaFox is with fanfox.net. To identify the origin MangaFox, all you need to look for is the color orange, white, and black. The user interface of MangaFox is also very convenient to use for anyone and everyone.

MangaStream Alternatives

4. MangaTown

If you want to hunt down genres, no better place than to look that the MangaStream Alternative that I am helping you out with. One such help is MangaTown where you get the feasibility to read all your comics online without having to pay a single penny.

MangaStream Alternatives

Personally speaking, MangaTown is preferred by most of my friends who are a fan of Manga comics and so do I but I like to change the alternatives from time to time.

5. KissManga

Speaking of a literal figure, KissManga has more so 100,000 series of manga. It too is a comic website that lets you have your hands of tons of series and comics from the directory. The owners make sure to update KissManga from time to time with all sorts of genres. Also, you are openly allowed to share any comic that you like with your contact group.


6. TenManga

TenManga is a good backend option on the block with the right ingredients that help users in making the right choice. There are a few interactions open for users to select from when they are searching for a reliable source.

MangaStream Alternatives

The interactive search box also makes it easy to pop any button and search for anything that you rightly desire.

7. Manganelo

Manganelo is an online website that provides it reach to an extensive database. The amount of comics that Manganelo uses is unlimited and hence, it helps you to browse through any section that you possibly want. There are almost more than 40+ genres available on the website that helps you make as many scans as you like.


Navigating in the ocean of Manganelo is quite a task. On the home page, you will find all the latest releases and updated items to view. You can always use the search option to search for the comics that you wish to read.

8. Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn, another sort of mangastream which is known for being a legal distributor of Manga comics. You can use Manga Reborn if and only if you have signed up or have an existing account on the platform. The theme, decor, look, and the interface is perfectly well to do.

MangaStream Alternatives

Just like the others, Manga Reborn too keeps you updated on the latest genres and releases.

22 Sites Like MangaStream

Below is a massive list of Manga comics sites like Mangastream so that you can never run out of them.

  1. MangaOwl
  2. MangaPanda
  3. MangaFox
  4. MangaTown
  5. KissManga
  6. TenManga
  7. Manganelo
  8. MangaReborn 
  9. MangaReader
  10. Comixology
  11. MangaEden
  12. MangaFreak
  13. MangaPark
  14. MangaHere
  15. MangaDex
  16. Viz Media
  17. MangaKakalot
  18. Mangago
  19. Mangairo
  20. AnimePlanet
  21. ToonGet
  22. ChiaAnime


Well, that would finally wrap my list for the manga readers out there. Reading is beautiful and the world that you visit whenever you read something new is a new experience altogether. Honestly, mangas could be the best thing that you might be trying if you haven’t already.
In my honest opinion, you won’t regret reading mangas and are very likely to spin a completely new world of yours.

Happy Reading!



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