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25 Watchseries Alternatives To Stream Movies Legally

Irrespective of where you are located, one should have the privileges to stream movies online wherever and whenever they want. Along with giving you the facility of streaming, the website must let you download movies online at a very superior quality. Since the shutdown of Watchseries, people have started to look for alternatives. But, we are here to introduce you to some of the exciting watchseries alternatives to watch tv series.



Best Watchseries Alternatives For Free

Time to bring you some of the best substitutes to Watchseries that you sure should consider as an opinion.

1. LosMovies US

We all get selective when it comes to choosing what to watch on a Friday night, don’t we? LosMovies US is originally known for the great international content it has to offer, least to mention, the versatility. Just to add, most of the foreign content has subtitles that make it easier for one to browse through. The homepage has the latest updates on it to offer that make choosing out of the lot pretty easy.

Additionally, you can also sort results based on the ratings, genre, released date, and so on.

Los Movies US

2. SideReel

I can openly vouch for SideReel by saying that your search for watching online TV shows almost ends here. SideReel, just like the other websites brings you everything that is currently the latest in the market. The accessibility of the website is flexible with the audience and you can use it on any of your devices. The website also has a tracker that you can use to track down all the series and shows you have been watching.


3. TVPlayer

TVPlayer is a hit show for all those watchers out there. This one lets you stream almost everything online. The compatibility of the website works well with Android as well as iOS devices. There are different subscription plans that you can opt for from the range and choose the one that fits you the best.

Watchseries alternatives

The interface and the version of the website is a total kill. Therefore, it would be wisest to try it out on your own to enjoy the adventures.

4. FandangoNow

As far as my experience with online streaming websites goes, FandagoNow fits the pieces of the picture perfectly. Mostly, this is a platform for Americans. The website provides you a chance to buy movie tickets online. This lets you watch movies without having to go through the trouble of buying tickets in a queue.


Just like other commercial platforms, tons of promotions and deals allow you to get tickets at a much cheaper price.

5. My Download Tube

Another astounding alternative to watchseries is My Download Tube. The contents in the profile are worth every shot and this will be proved once you stream movies using the website. The sync in the library is quite powerfully maintained as the list of movies is updated on a day to day basis. The website provides an array of options, however, might not be a well go through always.


The attempt of providing content to the audience is whatsoever decent. So, you can tune into My download Tube for an experience of wholly new and lively.

6. StreamingSites.com

One of the finest platforms that I might as well suggest would be StreamSites.com. The website is all great because of the way it reviews different websites i.e. almost 400-450 on the platform. They are all divided categorically in the manner of quality making it much easier for the audience to locate. Therefore, if you are looking forward to watching, you must get yourself the best option out of all the suggestions.

Watchseries alternatives

All the listed sites are completely free to use and are completely safe. It indeed is friendly, super interactive, and excellent for usage. You won’t know unless you try on your own.

7. TeaTV

TeaTV is another great watchseries alternatives that help in letting you watch movies and full HD-shows completely free. The video quality of your content always ranges from 720p to 1080p depending on your internet connection. The library of TeaTV is pretty huge and it contains almost every show and movie that you might even think of.

Watchseries Alternatives

Furthermore, to use all the features and advantages, you don’t require to sign in. Everything on the platform is completely free and doesn’t need a user to login to avail of the features. The genres on the website range from Comics, Romance, Action, Drama, Thriller, Horror, and so on. The website is compatible with all sorts of devices too.

8. ShareTV

If you are aware of Hulu, then you sure know ShareTV as well. For watching full-length movies and for binge-watching your favorite tv shows, this is a great option. The best part about ShareTV is, it lets you stream without putting you through the hassle of watching any ads, isn’t that something all of us most want?


The website has tons of other features which include having watch guides, full episodes, and brief schedules of series. How convenient is that?

Top 25 Watchseries Alternatives

Some of the great alternatives apart from the ones mentioned:

  1. LosMovies US
  2. SideReel
  3. TVPlayer
  4. FandagoNow
  5. My download tube
  6. StreamSites.com
  7. TeaTV
  8. ShareTV
  9. Couch Tuner
  10. Play HD Stream
  11. CONtv
  12. Movie Watcher
  13. Snag Films
  14. Moviefone
  15. Tubi TV
  16. CineBloom
  17. Disney+
  18. Afdah
  19. Netflix
  20. HackIMDB
  21. TVMuse
  22. FlixTor
  23. Cosmo Tube
  24. Movies Baba
  25. HD Popcorns

Final Words

Hey Hey! That was indeed about all the basic alternatives we could bring you. Also, there’s a secret, I would not be saying this otherwise if it weren’t for my absolute fantastic readers, these alternatives have been personally tried and tested.

Additionally, these are some of the best options out there regarding alternatives to Watchseries. Hence, you may pick whichever option you wish to, they will all do you wonders.



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